Sunday, February 22, 2015


Sunday, February 22, 2015

They say to drive away winter is to persuade yourself that you love its cold, but tired of it.  It sounds true to me for I like winter but not to the point of loving it, and I get tired when it becoming boring each day wearing layers, layers of clothings.
Winter in Poland is harsh, rigid and awful for a tropical girl like me.

I know that some people loves winter.  I used to, to be honest. I feel estatic everytime I see snow falling down from the's mesmerizing and magical. I still do have that feeling now every first snow every first day of snowy winter.  I do really understand some who really, really loves winter, especially those types who loves winter sports, and likes spending winter days in the mountains. I'm telling you, Polish mountains during the winter has the best sceneries. Imagine waking up with a snowy capped mountains and you are surrounded with blanket of snow. There's a different beauty in everything.

Speaking of winter snow, children loves them. Utmost, my children loves them to bits.

Look! (giggles)


alright, he loves to make a gigantic snowballs.

And, when the sky as blue as this and sunny, it's freezinly cold yet loving it than gloomy.

 If you ask me where's the mom in the picture, you know now why.  I'm a tropical girl, you know!

Nahh! I'm always behind the camera. I just love to take pictures of them...while building moments.


Alright...alright...I like Polish winter, but not loving it.

How about you, do you love winter?
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