Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fashion Inspiration: Spring Minimalist look

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The collection above are all Emerson Fry spring collection that I am eyeing. I love the designs, especially  that the company is just a small independent company that creates simple wearable pieces that is with quality. Did I mentioned I strongly support independent designers and ethically made products? Yes!  

Although, buying in such companies really cost an arm and legs for me.  For, most of the collections aren't fitted to my budget. I'm a frugal fashionista, and if you are like me, then you understand why. Nevertheless, they're cool and I could say.. I can see myself wearing it.....really me. *wink! really?

Who would not love all these looks.  I'm into minimalist look these days. I don't know if something to do with age or just that, I find minimal wearing suits my on-the go life. Simplicity is beauty, you know that!

However, while trying to search for an easy budget to get such looks. Here's what I've found......

The slip on/skater shoe that the model is wearing on the last photo, you can find one similar in a lower budget. I searched and found this at H&M. I see this type of shoes all over fashion week photos..and versatile to wear over a dress, skirt, trousers and shorts.

H&M for only 59.90-99.90 Polish zloty. 

An oversize coat, I found one at - a Polish online independent shop that sells as well minimalist type of style for only :

490.00 Polish zloty

Still a bit pricey for me, although a bit okay than the EF that cost $475.00. For me, investing a piece of coat is essential, if you live in a place where it is always cold and chilly .
Oversize coats are on trend. I see that all over....and I think it isn't that hard to find similar style now in  most shops. However, I still really prefer buying ethically made producst and small independent shops where I know how it is made and quality wise really speaks for the price. 

As for the other looks...those are basic clothing that is necessary in the closet. A white basic tee and a black skinny pants are a must have, and It is easy to find similar that doesn't cost a lot in any shops online and offline. 

So, these are my round up of spring minimal look inspiration that I'm aiming for this spring.  As for you, let me know what you think. Do you like to shop on a budget or indulge yourself in a pricey piece of clothing knowing it is essential for your wardrobe or that because  it is on trend?  Do you support ethically made products that is made locally or buy in a sweat shops? 

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