Saturday, February 27, 2016


Saturday, February 27, 2016
Dear Dad,

If I would be given a chance to be with you again today on your birthday, I would like to spend spend first hour of the day baking my best homemade birthday cake. So, you could blow the candle and make your wishes.
The rest of the day would be spend taking you to places you would like to see and let you know how it feels like in a very frosty winter day,for you always dream to experience the cold.

We would order a bucket of your favourite San Miguel beer and drink till we get drunk. Although, you know very well I don't like drinking nor I know how to drink . But I don't mind being drunk this time, as long as I'm sharing these moments with you.

Later by the day, I would like you to dance with me like just like how you danced with me on my wedding day.  Until our feet ache and we get tired...and  embrace me in your arms so you would actually feel how my heartbeats for you, how it longs the warmth of your love. After all this time, I still long for it. I'm still really your little girl, dad. Who still gets scared every now and then. Who still seek assurance and confidence of you.

Of course, we would watched the sunset together and sing our favourite song "sing me your song again daddy by Jose Mari Chan". And when it is time to bid goodbye to you, i would hug you really tight and tell you how much I miss and love you. Until the time time we would be together again...

Honestly, the past years without you has been my hardest years...of moving on, letting go and chasing rainbows. At the same time,tested my ability to act maturely being an adult. You have taught me all these actually before you left. To face life and all it's adversaries. You have prepared me for all these, I just realized it now.

I know there is no Dad anymore who would test the tide for me whether it is shallow or Steep. Yet, you are always here in my heart.

On your 64th birthday, I am wishing you well. We are celebrating your day as simple as possible but to remind you that you are always well remembered because of your great love for us.

I love you, dad and happy 64th birthday there in heaven.

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