Saturday, June 10, 2017

100 days of Polish Words : CICHO

Saturday, June 10, 2017

W cichej wśi...

That's how I describe the place we live in. Quiet...serene...peaceful...relaxing.
 Who don't want to live in such a place, isn't it?

We live in a small village within a small town, 10 kms away from Katowice, Poland.
It is a condusive place to live. Not far from the big city and has a big access to the highways leading up to the big citie of Poland. I would tell you about the place where I live next time for this post is not about this village nor about the place. But the project I am about to introduce to you has something to do with our village. It describes the place where we live in.

I stumbled upon this blog of Federico of A More Quiet Place blog, wherein he has a small project called 100 days of German words. Where he is committed to design a German word everyday. I will do the other way. To inspire & to give in to this challenge to learn the Polish language.
This is to encourage me to learn some Polish language and use my imagination to create this word into sentences. Sounds interesting, isn't it? We'll see if I could survive.

Lately, I am seriously learning the Polish language once again. Once more trying to talk in Polish from time to time. Although at work, English is still the main language of communication, yet I see that it is necessary for me to learn and be fluent to speak the language now that I am living here for more than a decade. Yes! A decade so please don't scratch your head nor do the face palm.

( *smiling)

Polish Word for today :


1. W naszym mieszkaniu rano jest bardzo cicho. - In our apartment in the morning is very quiet.
2. W cichej wśi. - In a quiet village.
3. Cicha góra.  - A quiet mountain.
Note how the words interchange when used into a sentence.The first time I hear about the word cicho, I thought it is a brand of an alcohol drink. :-) Well, there is a correlation in a way. tsk..tsk..tsk.
The one who invented this language is either drunk or silly. Who invented this complicated language? that is the question.
This is fun thing to do for me. Who is up to the challenge? 
What  would be the next Polish words....let's see. 
If you are with me on this challenge, please tag me with the hashtag, #100DaysofPolishWords .
Let's learn together.


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