Monday, June 19, 2017

Grilling is another national sport in Poland

Monday, June 19, 2017

If football is one of Polish national sports, well, grilling is the other sport (If I can call this as sport. Maybe, why not! ) that Polish people love doing or partaking, especially if the weather is warm and sun is out all day long-grilling is the best activity. They have so much passion about it. I could see that.

When you say Grilling - It is way of cooking that involves heat from above and below the food using a charcoal or węgiel as we say in the Polish language.

If you were to ask me if I like grilling or other term barbecue, yeah, I like barbecued foods. Since it is also a common in my country. We have our own version of barbecue sauces and style of grilling though. But here in Poland, they usually grill the Kiełbasa (sausage) that they have. Talking about kiełbasa, Poland is a country of sausages. They have it in all shapes and colours. Name it, they have it all here. Probably, Polish kiełbasa's is unrated than Hungarian sausages. I don't want to sound bragging about this  nor to flatter my Polish husband, as for me Polish kiełbasa's are the best in the world. Need not to say more. You just have to try it and get back to me if It is far from your assessment. We usually order homemade ones from a close friend whose mum is fan of making kiełbasa at home. Homemade is always the best. Although, the ones sold in the supermarkets are also great. My favourite is the white kiełbasa. Lately, I just found out that they also have different version of sausages. Depending to which part of Poland you are in. We live in Silesian region of Poland, so we have a sausage we call it Kiełbasa po sląsku - Silesian kiełbasa. I don't know the difference though because for me they all have the same taste of sausages. Probably, my taste buds is not good in assessing the taste. I couldn't classify either which came from Krakow or from Silesia.  

The pictures below explains how Polish people enjoyed their sausages. We have a gathering of parents and children in our place once a year and they called this 'ognisko' - campfire. I thought we are going on a camping. But hell no! we have to make some campfire and grill our kiełbasa from the direct heat of the fire. I may sound a little naïve here, but I never tried doing some kind of grilling over fire with my sausage. Although, I have been to many camps in my life in my younger years, yet never tried doing some ognisko.  So, it was a wonderful sunny day in the middle of the fields with fellow parents and children. I could not stand the heat of the fire plus heat of the sun, still I am enjoying watching them taking their sticks and grilling their kiełbasa directly to the fire. It is fun, isn't it?

Why I refer grilling as another national sport in Poland? because I could see their passion in preparing for this feast with friends over wonderful Polish beers. Spring and summer in Poland isn't complete without meeting up with friends over grill, of course it should be paired with cold Polish beers. It is one perfect combination. When sun is out, they're you go, I could smell grill feast all over my neighbourhood. Isn't it wonderful?


This is how they do it.
If you look at the picture above, they are really having fun. Not mindful of the heat. It is like playing fire as a child. Who have tried playing fire when you are still a small kid? so it is like nurturing the kid in us when making some barbecue. I like this scene.

Warm spring and summer months are usually reserved for quite early evenings doing some barbecue and grill with family and friends here in Poland. It is nice activity actually to bond with family and meet friends after a long winter months. But, not good for our diet. Mind you, my implications to this new sport is that, it is not about the foods or the wonderful kiełbasa, it is about the people you are with. To bond and be with them once in awhile. In fact here in Poland, I am one of the organizer for our annual summer Filipino barbecue. It is our only time to meet fellow Filipinos living here in Poland or that Polish who also likes to commune with our culture. And that makes me note that Polish really knows how to mingle as well. If you understand what I mean. for sometimes, Polish tends to be so exclusive.

If you agree with me that grilling is another national sport in Poland, please comment down below or share your Polish grill stories. And if you are organizing some grilling time, invite me please. (joke)

Opps, did I not say that I've received several invitations now for grilling time with friends? Well, that sounds like I need to set aside my diet. Oh no! :-)

Pozdrawiam was!


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