Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas in our hearts

Tuesday, December 04, 2007
It's the season to be jolly...fala lala lala lala...(*singing)
I guess you are all familiar with that christmas song. My mind keeps on humming that.. maybe because holiday season is all around the corner. When you go to malls you could actually feel the atmosphere of the season. Nowadays, celebrating christmas is quite commercialized. It seems people can't celebrate it without spending bucks in their wallet. This is not the whole drama of christmas. Christmas is a season of reconciliation and remembering God's love for us by sending his son Jesus Christ. Yes! everybody is aware of that. With all of these commercialized thing, that woudl just make the celebration merrier anyway. But for those who has no bucks to spend & buy for christmas presents they should not will still be the same without those. A simple celebration from family and being with someone you love is the most precious thing at this season. And yet, this is a season of giving and sharing not only with material things but what is truly in our hearts. I hope people who spend the season with much glee & much extravagance still not forget that whole true thing. It also signifies that christmas is in everyones heart. Sad to note, that some tend to forget the essense of christma because of these commercialized world. I hope we should all not forget that christmas should always be in our hearts not only celebrate it with material presents, fast phase world but everyday is christmas. Christmas means that christ is coming...and everyday we should let christ come into our lives.
Happy holidays ahead everyone!
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