Tuesday, March 11, 2008

She's a beauty but where's the brain?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Let me share to you a funny clips of this years Binibing Pilipinas 2008 candidate. I can't help but laugh at this candidate Ms. Janina San Miguel when she answers the final q&a portion. I can't figure it out if she's dumb, overly confident or a joker. Try to figure it out guys. watch the video below...

On the other side, i felt so sorry for her. It's hard to be on stage where the whole nation is watching you. Even if she's still 17 years old she should be trained in the Q&A portion. Yes, a novice in such competition must be nerve cracking. Even a pro on stage still has this stage fright but at least she knows how to laugh with the crowd.

Oh I wonder how she would compete in the next international beauty competition. She would be representing our country in this years Ms. Universe-World. Guh! Goodluck! They should compete with Ms. South Carolina from the USA. They both have the beauty but where is the brain? or maybe they won tru txt voting. That's the trend nowadays in every competition. uggghhhh! grrrr!

Now, here's the video...

Anak ng tokwa naman! what kind of answer did she say? I admit she's beautiful & stunning. But hey, her brain brought her down.Simple question in english she didn't know how to answer. Tendency when she competes in the international arena other countries will think that Filipinos are idiot. Anyways, Congrats Janina! you deserved the crown in physical appearance category but in answering the questions comment! 'what is beauty when the brain is empty!'
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