Sunday, March 16, 2008

Woman in me!

Sunday, March 16, 2008
Sometimes the day is so lame, so monotonous and so therefore it's boring. That's how I described my days sometimes. I don't understand myself as well. Though, I am trying my best to be awake into something - keeping myself busy. Yes of course! my 8 months old super energetic baby keeps me up all the time but that doesn't count. I still have this complains and how boring my days was....

Sometimes too, in a day I can't help but feel bad thinking about anything - political issues, economy, my growing baby and life in general. How i spend it and it just pass by not being productive. In moment like this, i'm trying not to take it seriously.

Woman are really weird! We have this kind of personality or behavior that can or could switch in seconds. Why it's like this? Could it be because of hormonal imbalance or really just a genetic mistake? hmm...whatever!

Even our man can't fathom nor stop us from being & feeling someway. Dreaful feelings like this man should try to avoid woman in all directions especially on a red flag days. And in any circumstances have loads of patience...patience and patience. I tell you woman in all figures, shapes and colors are really weird. (lol) I am a woman so believe me.

If you are a woman do you find yourself weird at times? If your a man, are we not weird? but we are awesome individual... admit it.

What's the word 'WO' in WOman does it mean 'WOO'? so a MAN should woos a woman. So, wooed your woman not only with flowers but with intensity of understanding.

Yes, I maybe a WOMAN with differences but that sums up that i am unique!

WOMAN! that is ME.
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