Wednesday, March 05, 2008

That snow & lula

Wednesday, March 05, 2008
It is snowing once again here as i am writing this.. not pretty bad for me now that I guess my system is immune to cold weather. But there is still this surreal and unexplainable feeling everytime I see snow falling from the sky. It's a kind of magic for me and makes me want to sing the song of the queens..i'ts a kind of magic!(lol).

I can't take my eyes looking at the window ( while looking, im like an ignorant bastard without dropping any eyelids, hahahah). Maybe because I never get to see snow in my whole life since I lived in a tropical world where sun is the goddess (*wink).

When the weather like this, it's nice to just submerge yourself in the pillows and wear a nice warm socks. Still of course, human blanket is highly recommended (c'mon baby! *wink).

Anyhow, I found something nice for my eyes today... lula magazine while reading the blogs of screaming in sweden. (better visit her site sometimes..she has nice blogs about her life in sweden & pretty asian too like me! heh). While surfing the site, i was amused by the photos..nice & classy. I like the style. Makes me feel really like a woman. That's lula!

That's all i can do for today....opps! my baby is screaming... not in sweden! but right here next to me asking for milk. hahah! Got to go. So long....


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