Monday, March 03, 2008

What I fancied for long

Monday, March 03, 2008
While at home & not working, where my interest in writing developed into an abiding passion.

I fancied about writing for a long time. Could hardly find time to sort my thoughts & the like maybe because I was busy living life like hell in the confines of my work. But, I do keep something like a diary with me. To keep track of my daily expenses, meetings, travels & things I needed to do & accomplished at the same time on deadlines.

My fascination started way to long ago... just when I was introduced in the world of fantasy books & bed time stories. For me, it is a surreal feeling being able to travel through reading and how the authors wrote those that knocks off the readers minds. Seems like there's a kind of potion that could stick you to it.

Now that I have all the time, I could express things through blogging. I'm not a good still a novice in the writing world. Nevertheless, I manage to keep going and just freely express what stock into mind. After all, what I'm writing are just my opinions on some topics & learnings of my everydays....and I could be ME when I scribble some notes on somethings that lurks in mind.

Still has that admiration for some who could really write profoundly and who has no fears to give opinions on some issues. In fact, I have list of authors that I so admire. Moreover, I still needed more or less training on basic literary writing although I survived in my essay class with an A grade. But that doesn't count! all the more I am not that good in my grammar since english is not my native toungue but a second language in the place where i was. However, I believed that writing and writing is way of practicing my literary skill and polishing my english. After all, practice makes you perfect!

what yah think?
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