Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dreaming of summer heat

Thursday, April 10, 2008
The last picture from my previous post was from Thailand. I am an asian but not a Thai. I just love Thailand and i want to go there for a visit someday. Those pics was sent to me by my Italian friend who got married to a Thai & now living a peaceful Thai life.

What prompted me to post those? oh well, because lately I am dreaming of tropical atmosphere. I lived in a tropical world all my life. Then, more than a year ago I moved in this cold world where sun is the most requested goddess of everyday. Before, i wanted to taste a cold weather. How it's like to live in a cold world. Now, that i got to experience it, i came not to like it but like the beauty of it.

Anyhow, my mind spins like strong winds these days. That wanting to take a different directions and that is to be home in the land i called - neverland. When it comes to summer who could'nt think of going back to my home. Back home is where the summer adventure is. In the white sand beaches, foods & never ending summer activities mostly water sports. For the mean time, I just have to be contented of daydreaming with eyes close...think of home...tropical beach, festive moods while sipping a cold mango flavored drink ( oh how i miz it!). Hmmm! That's all i can do for at this time. Nevertheless, i feel good.

The temperature strikes 23 degrees centigrade as i am writing this blog. Whew, my smile reach up to my ears. After all, this has been what i want a temperature that would reach 20 up. So, I could smell that summer sunshine is about to take its turn and that spring time opens its doors for a festive summer mood. The cold polish world is colorful again. All is merry and bright.

Can't wait for summer heat so I can flaunt my tan skin and hopefully drenched with summer sweat. I love it! awww!

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