Monday, May 05, 2008

Teraz albo nigdy ( It's NOW OR NEVER)

Monday, May 05, 2008

During down time we can't help but think of where we were & what we are..... far away home, the usual stuff & the only few real friends who were there amidst distance & communication.

There were really in desperate moments where I would want to pack things and soak myself in tears coz i felt like my world froze infront of me. Life is a big canvas and sometimes I felt like I miz a lot of current opportunities & i just isolate myself in the four world of home.

Freedom! is what i could think of sometimes. Not because I am imprisoned, but freedom to freely do things sometimes on my own without the aid of someone. Sometimes, i want to liberate myself from being so dependent even on simple things that I know i can do on my own.

Guess what? I made some clear plans on what to accomplish for the coming days. Effort is the name of the game.

*Go back & review the basics of learning the polish language. At least, save an hour a day or some hours a week to learn.

* Unleash the power within me. I have to take off that mask of shyness in me and be proud of who i am and where I came from.

* Determine to accomplish somethings not just in words & thoughts but in action.

* Never underestimate capabilities and others help.

*And of course, I should not let the barriers of language cripples me.

Again, will power (G is right..kocham cię!). Take it slowly. Slowly i could gain that freedom and not dependent on almost everything. All it takes is a little adventure, trial & error to blend myself with the polish lifestyle. When will I do it? I have to do it NOW! or I will never ever learn things. Though i know i am still in stage of infancy when it comes to grasping the polish culture and lifestyle. But then, everyday experience is part of the process.

Let me remind myself everyday........Teraz albo nigdy?! (it's now or never?!)

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