Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Joy of Polish summer

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
There's so many things to blog about being here in Poland. But time limits me because I am fully taking care of my little darling Izabela.

For now, allow me to tour or share with you what makes Poland one of the best place for me especially during summer.

I love the Polish landscapes. It makes me in tune with nature all the time.

This is summer looks like here. See how beautifulthe landscapes of Poland.

And I love the flowers in full bloom during summer.

Feel yourself lucky when you see rainbow after a summer rain.

Much more, when you will see a cloud shaped like window. It reminds you that when a door closes another window will always be open for you. That optimism is thest antidote to live a good life.

You can quenchyour summer heat with the revolution of vegetables and fruits in season like Arbuz (watermelon). Just don't mind how expensive they are and never compare their price from Philippine watermelons. Here, watermelon is imported either from costa rica, spain or panama. So, don't expect prices are cheaper. In Philippines it is cheaper.
Let sun be your goddess coz when winter arrives, you will surely miz the summer heat. Don't mind you get tan or sunburn, people will stare at you if you have tanned skin. For them, having a tan skin is beauty. Nayy!

And the summer sunset makes you more romantic at night.

That is the joy of Polish summer and that makes me joyful too.

(more polish stories next time)

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