Sunday, July 20, 2008

A lovely week!

Sunday, July 20, 2008
It has been pretty exciting week for me, care to share along? Of course you do, that's why you read this far already. Alright, here we go folks.

Monday morning was a bit a lousy day to do things around. None-the-less, I was able to manage everything.

Tuesdays' the most exciting day of the week. Guess what? Day when we knew that we will be expecting a new angel soon. How is that? (wink) Exactly, that makes my days nowadays interesting & so full of excitement. Remember the previous blog? This is the exciting thing that is happening in my life. Cheers! for a wonderful motherhood ahead. This is the good news I been saying.

Wednesdays' announcement day! Family were so glad that a new member of the family is coming soon and that we are growing. What a prolific life isn't it?

Thursdays' not that much. Tiring & dizzy day. My body started to change and adapts the new life blossoming from within.

Fridays' are always be the best day of the week. We get to plan for the weekend and be with my two love of my life, G & Iza.

Saturday were lovely day too. We get to met this new young couple ( A Filipino who got married to a lovely Polish ). So wonderful how love blossoms in two sides of the world.

Sundays' will always be with family. Intimate bonding and eating good food, yummy!

What a lovely week.

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