Monday, July 07, 2008

On dreaming

Monday, July 07, 2008
We all dreamed to bebig in these seemingly chaotic world...what I mean is to be successful in everything. I am not dreaming to be a supergirl or a super mom, but then I always want to be successful. When I say successful, I am fulfilled and satisfied with almost everything. There were moments of course that we can't help it but sigh coz the ones we expected to be just slipped on our hands. Exactly, we can't put everything in our hands. What is needed i guess are:

> support system to keep going... Like a good quality battery to keep us going.
> We need inspiration for motivation. Our family is a great inspiration and those people who loves us.
> Healthy mind & body to keep the spirit alive.
> Vision, to keep us awake as to what we want to achieve.
> Determination, to refuel us all the time so we don't feel like giving up.
> and a humble mind, to remind us if we fail that there is still life ahead. When one door closes, for sure another window will open.

These are I guess things that will give us a break to still dream big and dreaming is the only free thing in these world. But don't put your dreams in your head coz it will blow you hole. It is not at all bad to dream. That is part of this so called - LIFE!

Dream big, aim high and look back once in awhile.

Happy Monday!

* I'm dreaming...geesh! (slap face )
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