Saturday, July 05, 2008


Saturday, July 05, 2008
There is something weird going on in the world. Weather is always unpredictable it seems becoming more unpredictable (lol, i don't know how to describe it). Days ago, it is freakin hot in really hot! Temperature strikes 30+degress celcius. Of course, that is summer all about but i am not expecting as hot as Philippines. Last Thursday, it rains like crazy with super bombastic thunder. You know, i'm afraid of thunder (that I do not know why:-( since i was a little girl.). Couple of weeks ago, a great typhoon blows my country Philippines that left some places submerged with flood waters, hundreds of people died and a passenger ship sunk that caused death to a lot of people where only some able to survived. Until now, a lot were still missing.

Why is this happening? Is this the effect of global warming?

When nature strikes back, there is nothing we can do about it but just have to heed and do something to revive mother earth.

Some months ago, i was dreaming of sunny weather. Now, that Mr. Sunshine is proudly shining here in Poland I do not like it. What a weird me! Exactly, i grew up in a tropical country all my life and so I do not like to be exposed much in the sun. I mean i like to be in the sun but not the whole day like Polish girls do..sunbathing in the sun and exposing most of the crucial part of their body just to get that needed tan. I don't need it though since my skin is a little is fairly tan and that makes them wanting to have a skin like mine (bleeh!). On the other side, I envy Polish skin coz no matter how they bath in the sun they just left with redish or pinkish skin unlike mine, it will easily get burn in which we asians don't like. Here, tanning lotion and solarium is a fad while in asia, whitening and bleaching salon is a luxuries business. Kind of weird as well? People can't really get satisfied with what they already have. Most humans are really sometimes victims of commercial ads and propaganda. That makes me not exempted as well:-)

With the emerging weirdness of the world, we can't help it but sigh...hahaay buhay! kalibutan bya oi. Maypa matay! and that makes most people like a weirdo too!

Are u as weird as what happening to the world these days?
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