Tuesday, July 21, 2009

For today!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
See! I changed my layout today. I just had the chance to transfer everything after some days of rationalizing if i will change my sites layout again. Since, some pictures can't be very visible in the previous layout. Oh well, I think this is better. I will be posting more of my photography next time.


For today, allow me to mourn for I lost a great friend and a former colleague at work.

To you Ms. Ruby, you will always be in my hearts. Your laughter will always be a sweet music to our ears. God has you in His keepings.

We love you!


Tomorrow would be my daughter's 2nd birthday. I do not know if I will pursue doing a birthday give-away since my sponsor can only give me a limited prize. And I want to be fair to my readers. Anyhoo, tomorrow willl be Iza's big day but we will celebrate it on Satuday.


That's all for today!
Stay happy and well.

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