Monday, December 07, 2009


Monday, December 07, 2009
In case you all wondering where am I for the past months why I am no longer blogging in here, oh well there are just numerous reasons why I'm too lazy to blog and update my site. Living here in Poland was amazingly busy having two little ones with you, organizing things and enjoying every moments with them are just one of the many reasons why blogging take a back seat. Anyhoow, I am still alive and kicking. heeheh! I am hoping, absolutely hoping to update from time to time. Of course, been here for sometime now and these has been my outlet everytime I want to blurt out or let something all out of my system may it be happy, sad or whatever momentum i wanted to put into writing.

First of... my kids grew so fast......look!

My baby Jan is now 9 months old and Izabela is 2 years and 5 months. Next year she will attend kindergarten. yey! What a wonderful milestone for my little girl.

Another thing, life is amazinly busy doing some D.I.Y. thing around the household and in my new found sewing hobby. (wink) isn't it wondeful?

As much now I am honing my skills in sewing and designing. Sewing dresses for my little girl and for the house. How is that?

That's it! Isn't it great? I maybe too invisible nowadays here in the blogging world but hey I am just around.

Have a safe day everyone. Hope your doing your share for the upcoming holidays.

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