Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where am Ai?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Yes! Where's Ai?

oh yeah! that is me! :-D

Oh nothing can see me around, anywhere. For sure you can catch me most of the time in facebook. hehehe!

so stalker u know! bleeh! :-D envious people. you know who you are. Suck all your system. Add me and stalk me in facebook so you know what i've got and what I do in a daily basis.

Want's more? I am in twitter too. incase you do not know. See downthere in my can tweet me there and see what i tweet too. now, you had enough maybe. If not then go and tickle your bones like crazy. You numb bloody bastard you!

YOu think I am Ok fine whatever!? No! Helll NO! for an answer. Why you can't understand that:-D Let me go!

so now you know.

Sorry for that so stupid introduction. Anyways, just wanting to express that feeling of some people lately who's been trying to know what's up with me. You know envious people :-D tsk tsk tsk...


Nothing much lately except that I am sick while writing this. Not that badly sick but just winter blues. I am not used to exposed more outside when it is really that cold. Last week we had fun time with my daughter in the snow...snow skiing. You know kids wants to have fun outdoors even if it's too cold they still wanting to go out and be with their kiddy self. So i let her go..opps! we went out and had fun. And so now, this is what i've got. Doesn't matter anyway as long as kids are well.

What's more............ life is pretty busy oh always busy actually. With two active kids in tow who would not be busy. At the same time managing the house also demands my time and devotion. Applause with that word DEVOTION :-D

for you information, i am making this year as a devotion to be just with my family and investing on my future career. So i have to tackle new things and review new things. Learning so I would grow living here in Poland. It makes me hard to adjust honestly till now with the language. Though I can understand a bit now but still I have to fully understand. I hope tomorrow...but in time for sure.

There is much things to do too that really keeps me busy. My new found hobby and investing on a new project that would make myself grow as well. You know maybe i am too ambitious but who target to open my own shop in Incase you do not know that site try to visit. It is site where you can sell all your handmade products. So incase you do not know too, I am in that thing. I love to do things on my own hand. There more of me when with that. It is where I can express fully myself. (wink)

like this one....

In case you do not know too...Ai is back into blogging hopefully regularly blogging here or in my sewing site.

what other things that keeps me cooking and much more in BAKING!

here's one for all of you my very own version of SZARLOTKA - Polish apple cake. enjoy!

If you want the recipe let me know :-D i assure you that is so yummy.


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