Thursday, March 11, 2010


Thursday, March 11, 2010
My children are growing so fast. I am happy but a bit sad coz i will surely miz those baby days when they are so little and so much dependent on me. (*sigh)

My little girl, Izabela is getting wittier and joyful little girl. She exhibits now a world on her own. There are things she doesnt want my help anymore. Not unless, she can't do it by herself. A good sign that she is really involved now with the world around her.

My baby boy Jan, he is now 12 months old this 18th of the month. That in a week or so, he will be one year old, and he will be blowing his first birthday candle. Time flies so fast indeed. I got lost track of time. This morning I just realized he is now a toddler. Exercising some independency too at his age.

He's becoming a "real person", Like, wanting to play on his own at his favorite corner in the house, wanting to grasp every things he sees interesting. He walks as fast as he could to get things he wants. That little boy is becoming a little man now.

Isn't it exciting to see them growing that fast? and yet i know some part of me wanting them not to grow really that fast so I could still be with them and wanting me more often. But we can't force time and its stage of life. Everyone has to come to terms with each phase of life.

Nevertheless, I am joyful for everything happening to my children. I could see that it worth all our effort to brought them up as wonderful and happy individual. I hope in the future they will not be influenced by this crazy world we live in. That makes me sad sometimes thinking about them growing and thinking about how crazy the world is. That is life though, just that we have to and they have to enjoy every phase of what life is offering.

I hope all is still well with all of you. Haven't blogging much lately. There is just so many things to tackle in real life and no much time to blog and brag about it. I hope to be back more often here, and thank you for still sticking on me inspite of my long absence.

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