Monday, January 24, 2011

Sewing scene in Europe at Sew Mama Sew

Monday, January 24, 2011
I am happy to read from vivat veritas about this European sewing scene. So, i checked it right away at SEW MAMA SEW sight.  I am overjoyed while reading some of the commenters, i am not alone in my struggle here since my main problem here in Poland is where to get and buy pretty yet valuable fabrics. Most fabrics I found in our area are just so so for me , and yeah, very expensive. When I look at the quality of the fabric and the price, it doesn't really make justice to the penny i am spending. The, I have no choice since I really like to sew and make something. It gives me freedom and relaxes me. (If your into sewing and crafting youknow what i mean).  Mostly, I resort into online shopping. However, they are from the USA area. So, it is also costly when it comes to the shipment and all. That's why I can't wait to be back home to asia and shop till i drop with all the fabric I want. 

So, I am checking the sites  JOLIJOU site today, and all other sites mentioned in the article.   


The pictures above  really pretty.....the colors, designs and prints are really nice.
But I hope i could shop a descent fabric in the area where i lived. I have yet to explore Poland and the sewing scenes here but recently I found some Polish bloggers who are into sewing too. Definitely will be checking them from time to time and ask where they got  their fabrics.  While searching online too i saw this site where she mentioned her local fabric shop. here is the site. but then, her place is way too far from the place where we live.  The local fabric shop where I live is not at all bad but what they are selling just doesn't fascinates me.  

For sure, Polish are crafty too! You can see that from their folk or national costumes. Really , really amusing..the embroidery, colors are vibrant and happy to look at. Just like this folk costume where we live.

pretty right? so many handmade things going on with that dress. I could see that  some part are handpainted and embroidered and made of linen fabrics. But they say it is too heavy to wear. that makes me want to try wearing that someday. I am trying to find the close up picture of their headdress. I like it as well as their scarf...really embroidered.

Ok, i am hook to the links mentioned heading to those sites to go! 

picture are taken from jolijou site.
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