Monday, January 31, 2011

Excited for spring!

Monday, January 31, 2011
I can't wait for spring. 

to make strawberry shake, strawberry cake and home made strawberry jam. I heart strawberry, you know!

Oh yeah, i want to fast forward the day, weeks, months and this year. It may sound absurd or crazy but yeah i am just excited for this year to end. Not that i am in a hurry for things but there are things i am really excited of. Nevertheless, I am also  looking forward to this year. I think it promises a lot of things for me. To get moving with my new found hobby. 

Other things that excites me is to to some spring cleaning. I mean, whole house cleaning. So pictures below which i got from decorating digs site. really inspieres me today. 

Not exactly to make our home like in the pictures but at least to organized a little bit of what we already have. I like minimalist style of home. really makes a lot of sense and peace of mind. 

I wanted to put a big mirror in our living room so it would make our space a little bigger. like this...


And this simple toilet design also captivates me. that L like shape above the toilet bowl is exactly simple to DIY. i forgot where i found this picture but i think somewhere down teh web for sure.

I am excited to see spring very soon, the colorful and joyful view of it all. 

and enjoy eating strawberries once again :-D *wink!

So, who would not love spring? not the cleaning for sure. yey!

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