Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Will be rocking a new do soon

Tuesday, February 01, 2011
At last, i am book to my hairdresser this friday. I am a bit agitated if I would pursue cutting my hair really that pixie. Part of me wants to keep the long lock, part of me wanting it to let go and rock a boyish look. I don't know exactly now. I have to made up  my mind.

Nevertheless today, i am googgling on audrey hepburn look. And found this picture at we heart it.

Of course, I'm not Audrey Hepburn. Hence, I like her classic and elegant beauty. 

Another pixie cut hairstyle struck me is this.... 


I like this asian cut since I am very asian. I found the picture over while searching over google. Sorry i forgot the link. Her beauty reminds me of my friend back home. really really similar..the eyes and face.

Now, i HAVE to decide if I go for really short hairstyle again, though I got already approval from hubby.


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