Friday, January 21, 2011

Blogging & Sewing Inspirations

Friday, January 21, 2011
I am making tuna casserole for lunch later, while waiting for the pasta to be ready, here  I am hitting the keyboard trying to keep up with blogging. Multi tasking isn't it? While also, my children are still busy with their games and toys. So before they get cranky and ask my blog blog!

In the next few days, i will be rockin a new do :-D how is that? 

yey! (*giggles)

Yesterday, i was able to make something of the fabric scraps i have at home. I made some headbands for my little girl and a girly ruffled summer dress that she wore till bedtime. heheheh!  It was not as good as I expect it to be but my little girl is very (always) happy when  she  knew that what is wearing is made my me. In fact, every now and then she keeps on asking me if it is done so she can wear it right away.
But, I think today I have to make alteration of the dress because it is a bit bigger to her on the shoulder side and hopefully take some pictures of her wearing the dress.  However, the headband turned out great and  she is wearing it actually now while i am blogging.

Moreover, today I have to get rid of a lot of things in our drawers, closets. And hopefully get to see some clothes is still can be altered and refashion. I think this year i have to be  serious with sewing. I just had a lot of thoughts lately, that i have to keep myself busy with things aside from always busy taking care of my kiddos.  They eat ups most of my time, yet I thought that i have to do something with myself too. So i am giving this year a good way to seriously sew dresses for myself, my children and for close friends.  I hope so i could retain the motivation. 

While surfing the net, there were so many bloggers out there...sewing bloggers to be particular who really inspires me to keep moving with my passion and hobby. Since I joined BURDA STYLE  community site, I am hooked to the site and really really inspired by a lot of the members but sometimes I am so envious with what they achieved so far in sewing. It is a good sign that i have to keep going isn't it? 

There is this seamstress in Japan, CHIE of VIVAT VERITAS I been following and in fact a fan of her site, i read her  blog  almost everyday. She would be a mom soon too.  She has pretty girly stuffs at her shop in  If she happens to stumble upon my humble blog, i hope she would be happy to know that she inspires me a lot to pursue sewing not just as a hobby but a passion. 

Another blogger and passionate sewer that I often visit is Dana of MADE.  She has a lot of tutorials collections for childrens clothes , home decor and other stuffs. So, I get a lot of my inspirations there too for my children and as a mom.  But i wonder how she managed to keep up with sewing and taking care of her children. That i need to ask her how. 

I discovered this A Polish blogger Marchewkowa, as well lately while blog hopping. She has great passion in all things vintage and retro. Like me, I like vintage, retro style. There something into it that is really so fashionistic. Elegant and classy I think is the word.  She do sew her clothes too.

Made by lex site is also not an exception. She is a darling in the sewing world too and  i think she just made her debut owning a clothing  line & shop,  STRIPES  just last year. 

 A young fashion and sew blogger from England, Sadies' Wardrobe is also  wonderful.  She made some of her clothes and coats. And also a fun  of vintage things like me. 

Of course, other two asian bloggers that I love are CROCHETIE and VERY PURPLE PERSON. Both of them are so artistic and creative too when it comes to sewing and doing crafty stuffs. 

There are lots of inspiring bloggers out there that really inpires me, and above are just one of them that inpires me and lift my spirits everyday. I would try to put a more list soon since I am still rebuilding my site and putting up again my bloglist.

I really do believe that we need a little inspiration from time to time to really keep up with what we already have in our hearts like our passion and hobbies. That is one life's secret in order to be happy is to be inspired to get motivated.

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