Wednesday, January 19, 2011

pixie haircut - why not!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
As a mom of two active toddlers, my time is on a run most of the time. If your a mom you understand what i mean. 
it seems i always have hair issues lately. Falling hair, thinning hair and not so easy to manage. That sometimes, really worries me. Hair is the crowing glory of every ones faces. Recently that I do not look good anymore with having a long hair. It doesnt match my age and lifestyle as a mom.  

So, was thinking of cutting my hair into a short pixie style. I am into short hairstyle... as in super short hairstyle during my student days in university. The pressure of school and having a part time job tend to make my life easier if i have such short manageable hair. Until I entered the corporate real world. My job demands me to travel more often and be very active at all times. So, I maintained such super short hair.  In fact, when my hubby met me for the first time, I have this boyish hairstyle. (i'd love to share that picture here but i need to find time where i put that in my file.)

This time, why not!  i think i still can carry such hairstyle. I think.

Been googling for some pictures on the net about pixie haircuts, and katie holmes emerge to be one of the celebrities who is into pixie hairstyles and then Keira Knightley too.

Keira Knightley's front style of haircut is also very flexible to style.

I also search if an asian cut of such cut.
and I like that color of that asian girl's hair but i do not think it will fit into my skin color since i'm morena.

Rihanna and Victoria Beckham also rockin such do too. 

Will super pixie haircut will look good me? What do u think?

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