Friday, March 04, 2011

Back in Mommmy Moments : ORANGE FRIDAY

Friday, March 04, 2011
I am back!

this time with vengeance..kidding!

mommy moments

I could not recall anymore the last time I participated the Mommy Moments segment there at Mommy Journey site. But today, I decided to join again to share once again my wonderful mommy moments with my children. This time, I hope i could keep up with the theme every Friday.  

Nevertheless, today theme is ORANGE. So, here is my kids enjoying there orangy moments at home. 

For first timers in my site, this is my eldest sweet little girl Izabela. She's our little darling at home.  

The first picture was taken last summer. That is her favorite during summer...playing with water fountain.  

Second picture was taken inside the house. She likes to play hide and seek. She usually hide herself in that orange warmer blanket and so i snap a pic of her then.

This is now my little boy.  Time flies so fast exactly. He will celebrate his second birthday few weeks from now.  
In the first picture, he is still learning how to walk then. Mostly likely, he's less than a year then.  The second picture, was taken last December when they had fun time playing with the mandarin orangers at home. So i snap some pic of him with the mandarin orange as the subject, and i like the result, while Jan is looking at the mandarin. 

Those are just wonderful simple moments with m kiddos but hey I love it to death....Taking candid pictures of them. It is so nostalgic when I look at it after some years or so.

That's my entry for today.  Hope you like it. Now, heading to your site mommies.....

Happy Friday!
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