Monday, March 07, 2011

I think I am ready

Monday, March 07, 2011
Tomorrow is the day. Big day for me. I am embracing today and the days to come. 

Gone are the fears and frustrations. 

I am ready. I think. 

Tomorrow, i am scheduled for ovarian cyst operation.  

So much so, i do not want to elavorate everything in here. But i am crossing my fingers. 

Some may think & say, that this is just going to be an easy procedure, but it's a big deal for me exactly. I never had operation in my whole life. I hate being cut, seeing blood and being in the hospital. Even when i was pregnant I am really trying my best to be healthy and give birth naturally. and I did! 

I have those fears, maybe because since i was a child, i'm sickly and often spending time in the hospital.  So i got those trauma.  Though my doctors here assured me that it is going to be an easy procedure.  3 days in the hospital and home recovery after. I would have laparoscopic surgery, not the open surgery.  I am all qualified for this operation. I passed all  the laboratory test with flying colors. So, they say I am ready. 

The moment i knew i would be operated, I was so nervous, frantic, hysterical...i do not know...really full of  emotions.  Comforting words and support from my husband, family and friends made me realized I should not be afraid. It will pass and that everything is in God's hand.  

Life is really full of unexpected things especially when u least expected it.  
I never though about being operated. The last time I was diagnosed of ovarian cyst was when I was 22 years old . But i was not operated then since the cyst just dissolved by itself.  And now, coming back in full bloom in the other ovary.  I do not know yet, how much percentage after the operation that it will not come back anymore. I am putting everything in God's hand. I am very optimistic about life and i know whatever it all happening for a reason.  

Blogging would be a set back for awhile. but will keep you all posted for the results. 

So for tomorrow wish me all the best for the success of my operation.  

I am ready. I think so.

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