Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm back home

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Thank you all for praying with me for the success of my ovarian cyst removal. It was a tough one for me. It was my first time to be operated, and i am so afraid of that. I do not like staying in the hospital actually, especially i would be out of home for some days leaving behind my little ones. Good thing though, everything is fine now. I do not want to talk about it erase erase! though i made my own diary while i was in the hospital. but thinking not to share it here. I want to forget being sick and move on to a more happier topic here.

I am back! therefore, I can blog regularly I hope.

The past days was such a down day for everyone in the world as Japan was slapped by a big earthquake and tsunami. I was in my hospiatal bed when my husband relate to me the tragedy. It was so tragic not only for people in Japan but for everyone in the world, because it can happen to any one, to any country, to any place and anytime. I knew few friends and wonderful bloggers living in Japan so I am a bit worried when I heard the news. So, I am in one in praying for the recovery of Japan, and hoping such tragedy will not happen again. 

if you know Sachiko of Tea Rose Home, she's an awesome blogger who lives in Japan. I love her site too and her other pretty tutorials. She is running a fund raising campaign right now to help in a little way her country, Japan. Head on to her site and please donote. 

  and please do spread the fund raising campaign in your site.

In the lighter note, today i decided to print some patterns that is pending in my pendrive for sometime now. I can't wait to be back in the sewing world once again since I could smell spring is coming.  So today, I printed the port elizabeth blouse I found in burda site. I love the simplicity of this pattern and very versatile too. Probably I will modify a little this blouse and maybe make a dress out of this pattern. Lovely!

Can't wait for tomorrow and start sewing this blouse. Yey! while hubby is on leave and while I am still recuperating I think sewing is the only way can help me relax and get back into my physical self once again.

I'm back!

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