Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring favorites

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Goodbye snow!  Hello spring!

Yesterday officially spring sprung.  Love it....the weather is getting nicer when sun is always up all day long.

Lately I've been eyeing on these colored trousers. Best outfit for spring and summer for me.I browsed at Zara they have the same coloured trousers collections and I bumped into not enough time site and blogged about this as well.  Hmmmm... pretty interesting. Can't wait to hunt the same style in the thrift and vintage shops down the city tomorrow.

here's some pics anyway from because im addicted.

Isn't it so nice and comfy to wear?

What I like about it is the effortless look. I am a trouser, shirt person. So, I really go for such look on the summer and spring.

This madewell collections is such an eye candy too.

The blazer paired with short is reallyl IN nowadays.

Eyeing on the same short in the thrift shop last time we were there with my friend, but we didn't find one maybe because what they have in the store that time was all for winter. Can't wait for tomorrows thrift shopping with girlfriends.

Of course, I love orange! So that sleeveless polo really stunning.

Oxford shoes is, one of my favorite piece to complete my wardrobe nowadays. For me, you can't go wrong with anything you match with oxfords, especially when paired with your favorite flowy spring/summer dress...really pretty!

Last Satruday while in the mall, I saw a lot of bicycles on display.  From all styles, shapes and colors. But that red bicycle really caught my eyes while browing Krakow bicycle chick site. The same bicycle I've been eyeing for sometime now. So when i saw last saturday similar style of bicycle on display, i winked at hubby and he knows that's what I like to have. 

Indeed, It is really spring and summer will  kick in very soon too.

I just love it! 

I love it when the days are longer and the sun is up all day long. 
See you next time for another rounds of my Spring  favorites.

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