Friday, April 01, 2011

Spring love

Friday, April 01, 2011
 Spring is finally here! hurray! I love spring, it's a mosaic of colors. It is so rejunevating too after long months of cold winter. Grrrr!

I could see that the tulips in the garden are blossoming and ready to be in full bloom very soon. I am enjoying the sunny weather too these days. So been out most of the time at home. Which means as well, more reason to sew and do some crafty things. Yehey! 
Been sewing since yesterday for a spring dress.  I am not done yet since children are  so demanding a lot of my time playing outdoors. So, of course I have to focus on them and do the sewing thing when they are sleeping or when hubby is home. 

There are things I wanted to do this week and the weeks to come. I have list of spring things to do this spring. 

First, i want to paint again the wall in the living room and the kitchen wall.

2nd, been thinking of what to decorate in my living room wall. Good thing though, while blog hopping yesterday I happen to know from Disney of RUFFLES AND STUFF about this wall decor tutorial. It was really lovely and pretty which what i really wanted to do.

tks for the lovey tutorial Disney. 

3rd, been dying to have this kind of bicycle. I hope hubby will grant my wish.

4th, this flower headband is also in my list of spring projects.

5th, i was inspired by this dress. So i am sewing somewhat the same dress since yesterday. hoping to finish this one today.

6th,  can't wait to see such lovely colors of flowers anywhere.

7th, I'm also so giddy to try this leather accessory tutorial of Delia creates.  Perfect accessory for this spring and summertime. She has a lot of other wonderful tutorial too in her site.

8th,  take a lot of pictures when the sun is up all day long anywhere and whatever subjects.

9th,  reminds me too, that lately i am addicted to this site of a japanese documenting her levitation photos.

10th, and of course do a lot of spring cleaning. * sigh!
so, those are my list of spring things i needed to do and what i love this week.

Enjoy spring everyone :-D

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