Monday, April 04, 2011


Monday, April 04, 2011
You just don't know how much I miss home so much :-(

There is really no place like HOME.

yeah! been so craving to go home and so itchy to fly. Instead of updating my blog, the past days was mostly spent looking for best ticket deal to fly us all back to my home country - Philippines! I had loads of sewing & crafty projects that is lining up in my sewing room waiting for me to pick them up.  Oh not a good habit actually since i don't feel  progressive in my part if i couldn't accomplish anything within a week or month.  But I promise myself to keep going with the pending projects today.  Although, last night i was able to make some crafty things for spring while hubby sent children to sleep.

My spring dress is still not done and i have to alter some of it since I am not concentrating while sewing..mind is flipping like crazy about plans of going home  and organizing again the annual summer grill party for Filipinos living here in Poland. So, imagine me day dreaming and talking to myself. that is not a good habit isn't it?

Loving the weather nowadays. We could get to wear lighter clothings and spend most of the time outdoors. Spring is finally here.

Last Saturday, we went to a nearby park just to catch spring flowers but to our dismay it was too early, the trees are still in gray. Maybe next weekend. I'd love to catch the cherry blossoms like these...

What i like when the weather gets warmer is that, my feet get to breath well and get to see sun again.  Wear my favorite shoes.,sandals with socks  or  with colorful leggings and or just by itself. Oh talking about shoes if you don't know , I love shoes especially if there is a vintage - classic touch on it. Today, i found this  loafer with tassels shoes at Red Velvet Vintage Shop, and fell like buying it. I have to bribe darling hubby with this. tsk! tsk! tsk! yey!

hmmm.....Red velvet shop's vintage collections is something to die for. Really well picked items. 

and owww la la la! i joined and pledge to do more restyling and refashioning projects with the Project Restyle fun challenge run by A Beautiful Mess pretty site owners. I am following their sites from sometime now. So, to help save the planet a little bit so i joined the bandwagon and  to get myself a  little challenge with few pieces of clothings I got from the thrift stores. We'll see what I would come up with.  So, if your into refashioning and reStyling then join the fun challenge here

That's summed up my weekend. Today, i am embracing a new day, new adventure as a mom, a blogger, trying hard sewer and crafter.

and oh! if you haven't read my post about PAY IT FORWARD 2011 please do so HERE and if you feel like joining you are very much welcome. It would be such a pleasure for me to share something to you. 

Happy Monday everyone!

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