Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pretty Paunnet Pouch

Thursday, May 26, 2011
This is something I should not miss blogging. 

Last week, I got this wonderful pouch bag and a  needle wallet from pretty Anna of Paunnet.

I am oh well of course! impressed with the stuffs she sent  me. I am just a simple person and easy to pleased. But this one really knocks me off. 

see see see...

The colors are absolutely very ME. I love lively happy colors of sunny yellow, read, blue plus if with dotted ones. Craftmanship wise, very impressive. 

What i do like about the clutch as i call it or pouch bag is that, it is little gathered and  lined with the same color from the outside with some compartment inside. To separate the stuffs you would like to put into it. 

Actually, i used it last Sunday in the church. Love it! since i could only put everything necessary for me to bring in the keys, some money, my smart phone & lipbalm.

The needle wallet is a saver for a mom like me with two active kids who loves to play with my sewing stuffs , especially they are very curious to try on my needles. So, this needle wallet would surely keep the needles away from the eyes of my mischievous toddlers. 

Anna designed it in an envelope style wallet, which is a creative idea as well.

The inside...

So it is actually easy to tuck in the needles on the fleece fabric attached to it. Pretty!

and so, i am trying to get a better angle picture of this pouch bag. 

at our small old barn house....

i like to make the old brick wall as background of the pouch to see the beauty of it.

or at the garden..hang it on the plants. 

Wherever I put it, I like the way it is. "Just lovely!" as what my daughter said.

So with a sunny smile :-D I'd like to say in Polish Dziękuje bardzo (thank you very much) Anna of Paunnet with this pretty precious give-away. 

If your interested to own some pretty girly stuffs made by Paunnet, head on to her etsy shop HERE.  and don't forget to visit her blogs too.

Pay it forward really a wonderful idea /way to connect with other bloggers in the other side of the globe, share the same interests and things you made.

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