Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Tuesday, May 24, 2011
I do not know what is in this scallop thingy that i got hooked on them lately. I saw them on the blogosphere for sometime now and it is really a hit.  From skirt, dresses, blouses and with hats. Let me show you some of the wonderful bloggers who made tutorials on scallops.

A wonderful tutorial of scallop hat happening yesterday at Grosgrain site. Novite again did a wonderful tutorial on how to make a scallop hat. Here

Another scallop tips from Magdamagda is also something new to me when it comes to making scallop hemming. 

 The scallop waist skirt free pattern tutorial of Vivat Veritas is also adorable one to try on.

Just like the DIY scallop button up skirt pattern tutorial of Nette is also a knock-out for a scallop addict like me.

The first time i really hook on scallops is i think when I stumbled upon the blog of VAIN and VAPID. She has a wonderful scalloped edge tutorial there too.  

From then on.....I am addicted and obsessed with this scallops. 

And that makes me miz eating scallop seafoods. 


How about you do you like scallops?

Soon, I would be posting my scallop adventure here too. For now, I am working on my PIF 2011 give-away. Yey! 

By the way, if you know any interesting scallop tutorial, please let me know. 

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