Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring blouse & dress projects

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
At last, my spring blouse project is finally here. Yehey!

It was not a wonderful sewing ride actually for this blouse. I have a different design in mind but due to limited time, I didn't make it and change my mind the last minute. 

Here's the spring blouse I made and finally (almost) finished yesterday. It is a kimono like style of blouse. I wanted to make another one like that but maxi one. But I only have that fabric so I just make use of what I have so as not to waste some scraps of fabric.  

If your a professional seamstress you would actually see the flaw of the dress and the other mistake. The hemline when I took that pic is still not that align. As well as the 1st layer of the bottom part is not that align, because it was shirred and ruffled so it is not that obvious, right? For a novice sewer like me, I am happy and content with the outcome anyway. hehehe! hubby commented I look preggy and so i said it was really made that way. :-p

Today, I put that out as profile picture of my facebook account. A lot of my girlfriends were reacting that I did a long way with my passion. Yey!


not really good yet but nice one for a starter like me. 
Infact, two of my girlfriends wanting the same blouse. hahahah!

Since the hemline is not perfectly align  i was thinking if i will hem it down or just put a white lace on it..what do u think?

On the other note, My other friend is asking me to sew her the dress she designed.  At present, she is a freelance model here and I know she has a talent in designing. So today she shared to me her design and asking me if I could make this dress for her.  Please see below designs...

1st dress..she named this CASSANDRA :-d nice name
She envisioned this dress with a sequence fabric on the lower part, with an embroidered tube top. Let me know what you think is the best material for this dress.

2nd dress: I like her idea of layered scallop dress. Now, I have to come up with a pattern for this and find the best material for such design. So any suggestions on the fabric and materials I should use?

 By the way, this is my friend, Zsamae.  She is a freelance model here. For any modelling ideas she is up to the challenge.


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