Saturday, February 25, 2012

6 years!

Saturday, February 25, 2012
Sometimes, I am a bit cheesy.......

6 years ago we tied the knot with G in a small chapel because that's what we really like to be married in a small church. though the guest isn't that small since he married me, a Filipina. If you know the Filipino way of getting understand what i mean. :-D

Alright...allow me to share some  wonderful things why I married and love G so much.
G is neat. 

....He always has that clean nails and soft hands. 
....He arranges his things according to how important it is and places things carefully  in special boxes.

For friends who really knows me, that's one criteria i am looking for a guy. For me, if a man can afford to have such clean hands much more the unseen parts of his body.  And he still didn't fail me till now. 

He has great sense of humor.
............his jokes made my day.  He cracks jokes unintentionally in between conversation and he didn't know that it is already funny for me and to some of our friends.
and that made him not bore me a bit even before I meet him in person. Since we met each other in the chat room. ok ok..that  lovestory deserves another post.

He is very supportive .
............ never i heard him say NO NO NO! he always encourages me to go on with what i like and love to do. Like now, I am very passionate with sewing. He bought my very first sewing machine as a gift. Encourages me to practice and practice so I would hone my skills in sewing, baking and cooking. Never i heard him saying to stop with what I am doing instead patiently waiting for me when i will be finish with what I am doing . He listens to my ramblings, rants and ideas with my creation with open ears and do criticize me with things he knows best for me. He is my number 1 fan.

He loves chocolates and sweets.
...........It is both our guilty pleasures. It is wonderful to know you both share the same simple pleasures in life.

If he loves chocolates much more with COFFEE and TEA.
............we are both the same a coffee and tea lover. If chocolates are our pleasure much more with coffee and tea. We love to discuss and talk things over a coffee and tea or that when we are watching movies

He is always makes me cry. I remember  the day I walked down the aisle to meet him at the altar, i cried because I know I will be marrying the person who could take care of me forever and that of our children.
....I cried not because he makes me sad but because he never fails what he promised to me and to my parents. He always makes me important and prioritizes me and our children in everything.
....small things he does to me really overwhelming sometimes.

 He is humble and  a man with great faith.
 ........I am humbled by G's faith and his dedication in practicing his faith. He practice it with conviction and encourages each other to always pray together . A man with faith  can win the world with ease. I always believes on that.

Until now, I know why I made my best decision to give my life to this man. We are not perfect person but we are made perfect for each other. Now that we are celebrating our 6 years together as husband and wife, much more now I know why we are perfect for each other. I am overwhelming with joy why I married G and been a wonderful dad to our children. He's not only my husband but my bestfriend.

Cheers for our great life together!

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