Tuesday, February 14, 2012

HaPpY HeArT's DaY!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
There is no doubt that love is in the air .....I feel it! 

G: Let our love be like a music, giving joy to our hearts.
     Mabuang ko nimo! Mahal kita! ( i am crazy for you! I love you!)
     Mwuah <3 :-) 

That is the note of G (husband) while giving his gift to me today. He gave me a CD of his favorite now my favorite artist as well a-ha.  

Me: Take one each day to remind you how great our LOVE is. 
       Kocham cię moj polaku! ( i love you my Polish)

I gave him a simple gift..a box full of heart candies. 

We intend to give small gifts to each other. We believe that simple things really means a lot. it is not the quantity of the gift you received but the person who gave you the gift.

Wherever you are and no matter how you celebrate your day today...always remember that LOVE is the greatest thing in the world. Happy heart's day everyone!


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