Monday, February 13, 2012

Trip home

Monday, February 13, 2012
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February is about to end. Can't wait for March to kick in and then April.

Finally, we settled our ticket for Philippines. It would be April right after Easter. It is about time for me to be back home after 5 long years living away from home.  This time I would fulfill what is on top of my bucket list. To be  back home with hubby and our two children. This is one of the best gift of hubby - these  tickets last Christmas.

For now, I am trying to settle things in the house and planning our trip when in Phillippines. As much as possible we wanted to maximize our time  with family and sight seeing of course.

A buddy referred me to plan our trip through Gogobot. When they went to America it was a useful site for them especially when they were looking for hotels around New York City. The new york city hotel reviews in the site helps them a lot to where to stay and what not to miss around the city.   The site has an iOs travel application as well, so it would be more accessible anytime anywhere .  So right away, I hitch in. Followed some of my friends who are using the same way to plan their travels.  Right there, I  can make a plan for our trip and ask members around for hotel recommendations to places we wanted to visit. Though I am familiar with some of the places we wanted to visit but been 5 years now I am not that updated anymore with what's the latest and what to avoid. Such feedbacks and recommendations from the websites really a helpful tool for us since we are also bringing two active toddlers.

So, I am finalizing our itinerary and hopefully our trip home would be easy.
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