Friday, March 23, 2012


Friday, March 23, 2012

All i have today is one happy emotion. 

Excitements just sink in.  

List of things to do and bring is of no ending. 

Countdown begins!

18 more days to go....................CEBU will welcome us!

The place where i was born and raised. The place where my hearts belongs and will always be special to me. If you don't know where is it read HERE.

It's one of the best place to spend summer. white beaches, good foods and good buys are all in one place. That's something about my place- Cebu that i truly miss. and of course the people. The friendly Cebuano's will always welcomes you with a genuine smile. 

We will be spending a month there with the whole family. First time with my children to be in a tropical place. So they don't know what to expect. They only knew about beaches in Cebu and that makes my daughter excited and giddy to get there for she always love swimming and making sand castles.  it would also be her first time to get to taste the sea water. We will see how will she reacts.....

I know how excited family back home to see my children as well and how they are preparing for our coming. In Philippine culture pasalubong or gifts, they expects you have one when you came from abroad or out of Philippines but for me the perfect pasalubong for them are my kids. They are the joy of my parents. The lolo's (grandfather) and lola's (grandmother) pride.

List of itinerary's needs to be  finalize. But seems I am in trouble what to do there first and who to meet first. With so many friends in line for meet ups, i do not know who would i want to meet first. I think i need one venue and occasion to meet them all. Family reunions are set in time for our coming...and one wedding invitation. most of all, list of foods...foods....foods i've been wanting to eat and experience once again. i NEEDED to be in Food coma right now!

So maybe i can't update much this blog while on vacation. But i would try my best to update about our adventure.

Cebu, cebu, cebu! Here i come!

P.S. expect more sewing and blogging when i get back.

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