Monday, April 08, 2013


Monday, April 08, 2013

Holiday is over.  (that's sad :-( ) which means I have to wait for the next season bring break.

Why too quick?

We celebrated the Easter with a festive mood at home. Of course the Polish way! Eating loads of Polish sausages (kiełbasa). Good thing though, I bought homemade ones. And if you ask me if it is yummy? oh boy! I LOVE IT! homemade ones are the best. Definitely one I'd recommend eating than the ones sold in the market. Other than the kiełbasa's, Polish prepares the best ham in town, boiled eggs, some painted and decorated ones and lots of sweet treats. So, imagine how many calories I consumed the entire holidays. 

*geesh! PULLS HAIR!

Anyways, here what's gotten into me lately........

Decorated the house with this Easter eggs and bought fresh flowers.

Prepared the children's Easter basket for church blessing. Oh yeah, one of Polish tradition is to bring the Easter basket to church and have it blessed by the priest. Usually, you have to put your Polish kielbasa, eggs, bread, salt, pepper and ham.

Our Easter bunnies! Ready to mingle for the Easter party at home.

But, it snowed like crazy on Easter day.

I managed to go for a walk ( which is a usual routine for me )amidst the snow storm that day.
Baked cheesecake for Easter lunch with the family. I am not a fan of cheesecake though but family love it.

Just when the snow melts my daughter wants a levitation pose. So, I took one and she likes it! She really wants to fly. Who would want to right?

This is what I love about the Polish cementeries, they love to decorate the graves according to seasons and sometimes it's like a garden of flowers.

And what's with this road sign? Careful with a girl bringing a giant lollipop? Oh no! i like Polish roadsigns. They are hilarious sometimes. That makes think of collecting and taking more pictures of Polish road signs.

This one! Man: I'm going to get you! ha ha ha! girl : huh huh huh! I have to run for my life!!!Runnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!! 

A neighbor's red door that always caught my attention.

And my two little ones, enjoying the (hopefully) last snow.

How was your Spring/Easter break? Hope you had a great one.

P.S. Sewing post will follow soon.
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