Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Petion: Make more men patterns BURDA!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
I never sew any garments for my boys and been wanting to but due to lack of patterns and my sewing skills for men isn't that great like making a piece of trousers.Still needed harnessing. But how can I hone this skill if I couldn't see any patterns that is accessible for me, right? And everytime I sew something for my little girl my little boy would always say, how about me mum? (oh, pity little one)

Good thing though a group of Polish sewing bloggers / community made a petition to burda magazine to at least produce and make more men patterns. Our men deserves a pattern and a good garment right? Knowing too that more men now are becoming so conscious of buying handmade things. Would be a good alternative too as a gift for all our men. So, why not make more pattern for men. The sewing skills isn't only limited to sewing women's garments but for men too.
Come on! You need to improve Burda. Produce some patterns for men not only once a year but at least a page indicated for men.

The last time I also participated in such a cause was like a year ago. Where,  we want Burda to improve into their styling and patterns. Though, they improve a little bit.  So, before hitting the magazine shop to buy a Burda magazine, I checked on bloggers reviews first for the latest issue, if it worthy for me to pick the new one or not. So I won't be disappointed and knowing too that such magazine isn't that cheap. More or less 12Pln. in here. That is too much for me. Good enough to buy a yard of fabric actually. 

Please, support the petition by signing up online HERE! and grab the buttons over here too.

Thank you and we are hoping they will here this petition..
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