Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Great British Sewing Bee

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Thank God its Wednesday! 

No work to think in the afternoon, no lessons to think about and I have long time free without my kids at home. Hurrah! That's a great bonus for me to be just by myself from time to time. 

Usually, I do all I needed to do at home. Cleaning, run the washing machine, cook special meal for dinner, sometimes do some small baking and sew.  If I'm not doing things at home for I've done it on a weekend, I go for a quick shopping around the city center and visit second hand shops or  thrift shops to hunt for garments that is still has the potential to alter. Of course, hunt for fabrics. I love hunting fabrics in the second hand shops for not only cheaper but I can find some pretty prints that is unique. So, your right with your thinking I hoard amount of fabrics at home. Is it addiction? I hope not! if you know this piece of passion, then surely you understand. 

Today, I took the time to be out of home, meet a friend and we sat in our favourite cafeteria....drinking our favourite drink which is coffee and talk and talk and talk about different things.  I love it! Just when the day started to be gloomy and rainy, coffee and a company of a good friends is such a wonderful idea to flip your mind about the weather. When we are about to be out of the cafe, Mr. Sunshine came back and off we go home. 

At home at last! run the washing machine, marinate meat for dinner and settle myself with a cup of tea.....

turned the TV on........and watched 'The Great British Sewing Bee' on television. Though, it is aired in Englad every Tuesday night at 8:00 pm, but I am watching it over youtube. So Thank's God for YouTube! 
Just marvelous to watch a sewing program. I feel excited, giddy and therapeutic for me! 


I'm hooked to this program ( I blamed longredthread post for introducing me well to this show) and I can't wait to see finals. I'm learning along the way too and jotting down sewing terms which I know I needed to master, like the putting a zip/fly on a trousers. 

So far my favourite contestant is Lauren. Who has a blog named, guthrie & ghani. She's perfectionist and keen on details in dealing with every challenges. I hope she'll get the crown. 

Though, I love Ann. She reminds me of my grandmother who's a sewist and a tailor. Somewhat they are on the same age and same era where sewing is still such a big thing. Though, I could see that sewing as a hobby and a passion is getting a big come back.  

Sandra is also one of the best contestant. She has a great sewing skill for she sews for her children. Although, I could see she's not so risky in terms of her interpretation in every challenges. But then, again she's a treat to both Lauren and Ann.

As I watched the 3rd episode today, I could feel with everyone when they have to say goodbye to Stuart. It's like something is mising in the sewing room if Stuart is isn't there for he's funny, really gayish and creative in terms of making his pieces of garments. It talks true to his personality. 

I don't know who will win. Goodluck! But I have my own bet.  Well seeeee... Can't wait for next Wednesday though. 

Bye for now!

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