Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How do Poles spend Summer?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Poland is one of the nicest places on earth to visit. For me, it should be in the list of  places to visit before you die. Like Krakow's historic city is underrated and Poland's baltic seas are marvelous place too. There are lots of interesting places to visit here, with lots of history.  Landscapes are lovely especially at the countryside. Summer months are hot, the super snowy winter is spectacular , autumn is so romantic (especially if your sitting with the love of your life) and spring is really fascinating and inspiring for it's more colourful, flowers are blooming and popping enthusiastically. 

Summertime is one particular season  that I really like. Though, I'm a tropical girl who lives in the tropics all my life and who doesn't like to go sunbathing nor getting a tan for I prefer a little chilly weather, still I love Polish summer, because it's the only time where we get to visit friends, relax and eat our hearts out with the fruits in season and foods we do like to prepare easily outdoors.  

How do Poles spend Summer?

Grill is one summer sports here other than football. (insert your smile here.) Oh yeah! for mostly Poles loves to do barbecue or grilling right in the confines of their gardens. Invite family and close friends and party till the sun sets.  Usually sun sets later so there is really reason to stay long outdoors.  So, the best and quickest food to prepare is grilled kielbasas (Polish sausages), cheese and some meat marinated the Polish way. In my case, it's a pretty good occasion for me to share and prepare my favourite Filipino pork barbecue.  If you don't know what that is you can see the recipe here. Isn't it appetizing?

Secondly, they like to spend summertime getting that great tan they would want.  I do understand for the sun doesn't appears here all the time. There's a need of sun/melatonin in their skin. They are way too white and pale. So, they worship the sun with much liking and adoration. In which again, I don't like to do for I'm way too brown. That I don't need to worship Mr. Sun. Although, every single day I always love Mr. sun would appear to keep up with a good mood and feels great.

Living here for 7 years prepares me to adjust with the Polish way of spending summer. Mostly July - August are months where most families go for out of town or out of the country holidays. Probably places where the sun shines all day long with sand and seas are together. Baltic seas are really chaotic place to visit during the summer. I get to see how it's like there 2 years ago........too many people and mostly just worshipping the sun in which I find not appealing. And the seawater is way too cold for swimming. YAY!

Past weeks, this is how we spent our summer days .........

A great place for grill/barbecue party with friends right in the confines of the park. But you need to go there early for tends to get occupied quickly for it's free.

Eating ice cream is one hobby / thing to do to beat the summer heat. Imagine how big is that ice cream. Yes! I ate all of them. It's Polish version of Italian ice cream.

here we are kiddos, not mnding how silly they look like eating their ice creams. We enjoyed looking at them eating with great fascination.

How about an elephant plant in the middle of park? cool!

one of the best attractions are these beds of roses in the rose garden in Katowice Park. I recommend you to visit the place. Really romantic if your into flowers. You can see varieties of roses in different shapes and colours.

A handsome taxi driver at the park. You like? He's shy though. heheh! i like the rides only, excuse me!

And see, so many LODY WŁOSKIE which means Italian ice creams. I don't know if it really taste like Italian ones. Paging, mi amore!

A bear plant, right in the middle of the park. Cute!

I'm trying to picture out this place but crappy me I can't get the right angle for I'm chasing two active kids who loves to run all the time. But this is great place where you can run and ride your bikes for there's a pathways for running and biking. So, I'm thinking of running here next time.

Met this cute dredge lock haired lovers who loves to play the Australian didgeridoo. So, I approached them and taught me how to play the didgeridoo which I find it hard to do. I think, it takes me time to make such a sound. But yeah, they are so accommodating and I find them so cute for they only have their own world in the park sharing the same passion and love. Wow!

Here's my little boy running and running. So that explains the blurry picture for we are playing tag.

I love this rose. Makes me want to pick them. hehehe!

A view from the 8th floor apartment of a friend's place. I like the clouds like painting. 

Flock of people in and out of the park. Two active boys over there. Hi ben and Bo! Daddy Edwin are chasing them.

in case you don't know the prices of that ice cream....

we're trying to let this kids make some good pose for the mural arts is just so great for picture taking.

And how do you like crazy lollies? cool isn't it?
That's how Poles spend their summer and so that makes me like a Pole too. 

How about you, how do you spend your summer ?

until next entry for this summer series....
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