Tuesday, July 23, 2013

She's 6!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013
There is no reason not to blog about yesterday for my little girl just turned 6 years old. That's amazingly great!

Who would have thought that this baby who completes me as a woman and who changed my life entirely is now 6 years old.


Time flew so quickly. I missed her that small. When all she knew is to cry when she's hungry for milk and if she needs a dry nappies. 

She's doing marvelously great in everything. She has an ambition of her own like: She wanted to be an artist, an illustrator of a children's book and a Flight Stewardees so she could travel all over the world. What an ambitious dream. But we never know she might be like one. For at an early age, she really likes to doodles, sketch and draws even on our wall in the house. I exposed her to the world of drawings at such a young age. So, she's influenced in some ways by me. My love of arts and stuffs.

Yesterday, is her 6th birthday. 

To my Izabela Wiktoria, you're one of the amazing things that happened to me and that I have loved you even before you were born. When I see you smiling and happy, you reminds me that life is worth living and worth fighting for. Cheers for being 6 and wishing you that all your dreams will come true someday.  Kocham cię!

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