Thursday, August 01, 2013

Small projects

Thursday, August 01, 2013
Lately been dealing with the projects I wanted to accomplished soon. These are things I have in mind and I want to be successful in this. But I didn't know there are lots of things to deal with...from sample making, suppliers of the materials, marketing and product labelling. Everything in mind needs to be executed  just right.  I've been asking mi amore to always check on me, the progress of my projects. Sometimes we needed to be push to keep us going, isn't it? So, I asked  mio amore to be the boss. Good thing though, he can deal & relates with me on this aspects. 

That is one of the sample of that small projects I've been doing lately. It was not fully finished when I took that picture for I'm too excited looking at it. Cute right? makes me want to have a small little girl again. Yay!

My small projects would be clothings for babies, kids and some other small accessories or things that is useful & necessary if you have little ones. Of course, I am trying to win and finding a good supplier of organic goods/materials. If any of you knows one, please let me know at once. like fabrics, ribbons, buttons, cord and so on....

Since, I'm a full time mom of two kids I know the essential things and what is come in handy, that makes me think of making such small things to small people that both  mom & kids would surely love. This would take time to deal with for sure not unless I have to concentrate really on this. For honestly, I'm not making full concentrations lately. A lot of distractions and taking care of two active kids who likes to stay outdoors all the time when the sun is up is another story to deal with. Anyhow, this would be for now. I have all the sketches at home just needed executions and sample projects to make it going. Soon this would be realized.  Wish me all the luck.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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