Monday, October 21, 2013

What If?

Monday, October 21, 2013
Coldplay's song 'what if' played in the background, I feel the urge to stop everything what I'm doing at the moment and just think ......

of the words.

Shivering....puzzling...wandering....searching...reminiscing.....all jumbled up in mind!

Oh, geesh!

Yeah so true...what if? what If there is no light? no time? I will decide? 

What If, what I'm feeling now is merely a fleeting thing. 

What if? 

What If? 

Then again, convincing myself to calm down. to gather my thoughts. ensure what is accurately caused me to be this melodramatic.

12:00 midnight, clock strikes. 

still that, what If question stick to mind. 

And so......I decided to stop thinking and carry on with everything. Whatever causes this heavy feeling at this wee hours, this must be addressed somehow someday.  For now, I'd like to rest my case and move on and stop questioning. Though I know the answers, just that I'm in denial for I know some answers are bitter and bad. And that is why better not to know the answer or let others answers it for myself.

So, I'm leaving you with the  'WHAT IF ' question.

Oh, yeah!

What if?

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