Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Powodzenia !

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
If there are two Polish words that I mastered uttering, it would be okropny which mean terrible, horrible & awful and the word masakra, which means massacre.  These two words really describe the past weeks of intense emotional feeling and horrifying events that I don't want to discuss in here for it is purely personal and horrific. 
 Despite of all that, I am doing so well.  Precisely, I am immune now to such emotional events.  Losing loved ones I look up to in life is horrifying now for me. Indeed, life  must go on. 

Here I am by the way...still alive and ready to mingle once more.

Oh, I went on a hiatus, I'm keeping myself busy with a lot of things at home. Trying to get back into my projects that I haven't been doing for the past months.  Just that I am trying to find motivation to get back into the groove again especially in the field of sewing.  So many designs left in many plans what to do next..just that I have little time for school eats a lot of me, lately. However, that isn't an excuse...I should keep going, right?  

And i realized that 2014 ending so soon.... Oh, no!  I need to do something. Lurking with super down emotions won't help and keeping myself busy isn't the answer to forget emotional pains as well.  So lately, I get back to baking ( one of my favourite thing to do). When I'm sad and super down, I bake my hearts out. It is therapeutic. I swear!  hope to post a pic of what I bake next time...
And...Trying to meet friends once again..

I took a short trip to Warsaw for the very first time after living here for 8 years.  


Did I hear you laughing?  Oh well, that's just life. There's one special person who convinced me to go and do a short see , listen with my heart and see things in a bigger perspective. Watched the legendary John Legend's concert and  I had fun and makes me happy. Though big city life isn't fascinating to me now since I grew up in a big city as well, but that is great to see what the Polish capital has to offer for an expat like me. Nothing much actually..for It was only a short tip and on top of that, it was a very frosty gloomy day. Nothing much fascinating to see and i shy away from mall hopping. Does it something to do with age? :-D

Alright, alright...wherever you are in the world and whatever you are doing, I hope your day is great. And when your day is horrible and you feel awful, just smile, and the world will smile back at you. Try it! it works for me.
Now, you are smiling.  :-)

Powodzenia !  - Goodluck!


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