Friday, December 05, 2014

That Krakow!

Friday, December 05, 2014
If there is one place I wanted to be right now, It would be somewhere by the beach, sipping a refreshing tropical drink, listening to the sound of the sea waves and enjoying the warm of the tropical sun.  
I'm wishing....

Yes! The weather is getting colder now here in Poland. That is why, I'm imagining myself getting soak under the sun.  Don't get me wrong. I like colder weather for I'm tropical girl, but too much cold is something hard for me to bear. 
Nevertheless, bravely went on a short weekend trip in Krakow with a friend who visited me. It was a very frosty day. My friend is wishing to see snow for the first time but what welcomes her is the horrible frosty cold weather that we are now experiencing here. Nonetheless , we had  fun. Being with an old friend always gives me a wonderful effect. That warm , nostalgic and being together without any quirks because you've known the person for long, that is one of my definition of  how being joyful.

Here we are....not too many pictures for I promised myself to live by the moment and enjoy. 

Even if I'm day dreaming soaking myself under the tropical sun, but that feeling being with a dear friend and in Krakow blew away that feeling blue moments. Actually, It is not about the place but being with someone you truly admire as a person, as a friend..makes all things worthwhile. Not even the cold can stop you from being together.When she left, I had hard time convincing my children to stop crying. They like her and they wants her to stay for more days with us. And that's influencial my friend's personality somehow. That's how cruel my life sometimes. When you are living far from close friends and family, all you can do is sigh. (hugs)

I've got pretty busy months and weeks ahead of me. However, managed to entertain friends visiting Europe recently. And hope to get back into travelling pretty soon by backpacking somehwere in Poland once school isn't that busy.  of course, get back into my sewing groove and few projects as planned...

Hope you had a wonderful days ahead! more stories next time....

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