Sunday, July 26, 2015

The greater your trial, the greater your victory!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Spring of 2015/Poland

Too often, people only believe what they want to believe. 

The greater your trial, the greater your victory. 

In life you will face disappointments and face adversity when your desires and dreams don't follow through. You choose to settle when things don't go as plan. Allowing one disappointment to affect your entire attitude and choose to live defeated, depressed, upset, and miserable. That's not God's plan. You have to get up! If all you're doing is praying and not doing something, you're wasting time and nothing is going to change or be given to you. The mountain can only be moved by faith not by sitting. You have to make up in your mind that " I shall live and not die..." I'm getting up out of this. I'm determined I'm going to press on. I'm going to fight my way through declaring His promises over my life while walking by faith and know that it's not the end because I know I'm walking into another thing God has in store for me.
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