Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hurrah for the next phase of life!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

It's officially summer. Time to get away....somewhere..anywhere! Oh well, overwhelmingly busy the past months and weeks...running after school activities, lesson plans, make up classes and trying to recover from recent health issues. The whole month of June has been great so far, not minding the chaos and messy situations.  Nevertheless, I'm always grateful.

I managed to juggle work and play in between school sessions. Although, I was caught in a situation that I needed to breathe out and slow down with everything. I've missed a lot of things in the blogosphere. There were always rebuttal going on in my head whether to shut this blog off completely, or stick to this one. I'd choose the latter. So,  I'm still here.  Probably just have to renovate and make changes with everything here. I tried to avoid writing too personal issues in here now. I hope. Somehow write things that is inspiring and motivating.

Been planning a whole stuffs to do for the next school year. I would still be teaching in the same language school, and got private offers as well. I'm still blessed.  Most of my time are spent either preparing school work or daydreaming when to get back into baking and sewing again. Although, I have a loads of projects I wanted to accomplish before the year ends.  Sadly, I always start with planning and execution is always take a back sit. What's going on to me? I need certai kind of Focus! That's the word.
My 10 years old hyperactive students.

Last Thursday, I had a marvelous time with my juniour high school language students. It was my last encounter with them in the classroom for they would be moving to a new phase of their student life. It was one of the amazing discussions with them.  There were so expressive and cognisant during the whole 45 sessions. When I knew that it would be their last year in the school, I got quite teary eyed. Amazing! what a bittersweet feeling...time goes by so quickly........ I'm thankful that in their young student life I am part of it, and I hope I was able to partake a bit of my knowledge and views in my culture and how I'm living my life  here in Poland.  I know they would be reading this post and I'm always wishing them all the best things in the years to come. I know they will make it far, for I see the potential and wisdom in their young mind. 
16 years old language students

Goodluck ! 

For now, enjoy summer and prepare yourself even more for the next challenging school life. 

And, here's me with my language students. I know I'm petite, but cute, isn't it? (blushing)

On the other side, my 6 years old boy just graduated preschool. It wasn't that long ago I blogged here his birthing and how I anticipate having a next child - boy. It was an emotional afternoon for me as I watched him danced, sing and recite poems in front of the crown of parents. As he walked on stage receiving his preschool recognition.  Surreal! time flies so quickly..i want my baby boy back! nahhh!
Hurrah for Summer, and the next phase of life.

And, thank you for still being here.
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