Friday, August 07, 2015

9 years

Friday, August 07, 2015

Exactly today, I turned 9 years living here in Poland. 

Wow! exclaims most people I've met for the first time and often asked me, how'd you survived? oh well...i just bat my eyelashes.

 9 years ago, I packed my life in the Philippines in one suitcase.  I left my country with no regrets, although with a heavy heart leaving behind the people I love and grew up with.  

Being here, living like the Poles, adjusting like trying to fit in with the culture, the harsh cold winter, most of all trying to learn the language are just few of the things I dared to face. Yet, it drew me near to myself...who I really am. 

In this part of the world, I've met wonderful true friends at the same time, I've learned to detoxify my life from abusive toxic friends.  

In all honesty, I have love and hate relationship with Poland, not only because of the weather , language but sometimes I feel like I'm still stuck somewhere in between. . 

Overall, I love Poland for this is a beautiful country, most of all the people - The Polish, who accepted me as I am and love me like I'm their kind.

Looking back, It's worth the choice and decision of living here in a way, looking at how lovely are my children, and how still blessed I am with the people around me who loves me the most. After all, this is Polish-ed life....

Na zdrowie! Sto lat!

Did I just smell vodka?

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